14 Amazing Shampoo's For Hair Wig's in 2022.

A Complete Guide On the 14 Best Wig Shampoo’s in 2022

14 Amazing Shampoo’s For Hair Wig’s in 2022.

When it comes to human health, the very first thing which comes to our minds is cleaning and hygiene. Be it your body or items you use on daily basis. 

Just like styling, maintaining proper sanitation is important for the long run of wigs. Proper washing and conditioning are equally important for wigs just like it is important for your natural hair. We also recommend a few shampoos for wig maintenance.

1. Awesome Synthetic Wig Shampoo [pH6]

A Complete Guide On the 14 Best Wig Shampoo's in 2022

Awesome Synthetic Wig Shampoo has a pH level of 6. This particular shampoo can help in getting an extra volume to the wig leaving a freshly shine texture.


  • Prevents dryness
  • Refreshing formula


  • Strong fragrance

2. Hairobics Unlimited All Day Synthetic Wig Shampoo

Hairobics Unlimited All Day Synthetic Wig Shampoo is a gentle cleanser. This shampoo contains coconut oil which soothes and gives shine to the wig hair


  • Remove dirt and build-up
  • With-in the budget 

3. Jon Renau Cleanse Fiber Love Shampoo

Jon Renau Cleanse Fiber Love Shampoo leaves a radiant look after regular use. Also, it prevents damage as it is made with a gentle formula.


  • Paraben-free
  • Sulfate-free

4. African Essence Control Wig Shampoo

African Essence Control Wig Shampoo helps in the removal of oil and dirt. Granting softness and gleaming effects.


  • Revitalizes the wig hair
  • Gentle formula

5. Revlon Texturizing Cleanser

Revlon Texturizing Cleanser is best for synthetic hair wigs. With help of this shampoo, maintains becomes easy and it also makes wig hair more manageable.


  • Easy travel-type bottle
  • Keeps the natural look
  • Removes oil and dirt 

6. HairUWear Freshening Wash Cleanse Shampoo

The HairUWear Freshening Wash Cleanse Shampoo is a luxurious product for synthetic wigs providing nourishment to the wigs. 


  • pH formula
  • Fine texture
  • Counterbalance odors

7. Estetica Designs Cleanse & Clarify Shampoo

Estetica Designs Cleanse & Clarify Shampoo works on both synthetic as well as human hair wigs.


  • Lubricant in nature
  • Removes dirt and oil
  • Transmits shine

8. Henry Margu Cleanse Shampoo

Henry Margu Cleanse Shampoo is formulated for wigs and hair extensions.it is considered best for refresher ness. 


  • lenient formula
  • Removes oil and dirt
  • Refreshing fragrance

9. Mara Ray Belle Of Hope Enriched Shampoo

Mara Ray Belle Of Hope Enriched Shampoo is a fancy shampoo for synthetic hair. It helps in maintaining the wig which results in prolonged life for your wig. This shampoo contains keratin protein which is proven good for synthetic hair wigs. 


  • Sulfate-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Prevents dulling
  • Removes dirt and oil

10. Aspen Shampoo

Aspen Shampoo is a good option for wigs and hairpieces. It staves off the frizz problems. 


  • No fragrance
  • Gentle formula
  • Removes debris and oil

11. Vapon Wig Care Shampoo & Conditioner

Vapon Wig Care Shampoo & Conditioner contains natural botanical elements. Both these products work for synthetic and human hair wigs.  It also keeps the wig hair sleek and shiny. 


  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Adds shine to the wig


  • Dryness over time

12. Hair Vite Wig Shampoo

Hair Vite Wig Shampoo is made for both synthetic and human hair wigs. This shampoo gives a soft and smooth touch to the wig.


  • Gentle formula
  • Restores natural shine
  • Removes build-up and oil

13. Rene Of Paris Prepare Shampoo 

Rene Of Paris Prepare Shampoo is an affluent shampoo for synthetic hair wigs. It is composed of plants and vegetable tinctures. 


  • Formulated with natural ingredients
  • Gentle formula
  • Contains oils and vitamins

14. Jorgen Shampoo

Jorgen Shampoo is manufactured with a special protein ingredient that maintains the conditioning of the wig hair and hair extensions. 


  • pH balance of the wig
  • Remove oil and dirt
  • Protects against sun and heat damage

Before you buy any type of shampoo or conditioner make sure to have the points mentioned below are taken into account for better results.

Aspect to buy a wig shampoo

Type Of Wig: Not all shampoos work for both types of wigs. Synthetic wigs have different requirements than natural hair wigs. Make sure to go through guides before buying any products for your wigs.

Colored wigs: There are different shampoos for dye/colored wigs. The wrong choice of shampoo might result in damage to your wig.

Ingredients: Be extra careful in terms of the ingredients of a shampoo. Make sure that the shampoo you are buying doesn’t contain anything from which you have allergies.

Steps for washing a Synthetic Wig?

1. De-tangle: Combing is the best way to make sure not to have any knots or tangled hair or detangling spray can be used for making it faster and easier.

2. Wash: We recommend use of cold water for washing your wigs. Add shampoo into the cold water and wash it for 10-15 mins or until you are satisfied.

3. Rinse: Make sure to get rid of all the shampoo while rinsing the wig with cold water.

4. Condition: Just like natural hair we recommend using conditioner after a good wash for better results. Only apply conditioner on the head of the wig, not at the root cap. Rinse it off after 5-10 minutes.

5. Dry: Remove all the excess water with the help of a towel first and you are free to use a blow dryer.

Wigs are the new fashion in everyday life. So, their maintenance is equally important. All the shampoos listed above are the best in the market for your gorgeous wigs. Make sure to choose wisely and try them as well.

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